Info for parents

Skating School license

Skating school license will be  purchased by EsJt for those skating school children whose social security number has been filled in on the registration form. The license includes an insurance etc. Insurance is meant for those skating school children who practice only 1-2 times a week.

License is compulsory and included in the skating school fees.

NB. The license is purchased, and the insurance is valid, only after the skating school's season fee, license fee and membership fee has been paid.


Skates, clothing and other important information

Appropriate clothing and skates let the child enjoy skating and ease learning.


  • right size (not too tight but not too big either)
  • firm boot (very important)
  • blade that has a groove (the use of inside and outside edge is essential in figure skating)
  • blade with toe picks (it is good to get used to the toe picks from the beginning even though children in the skating school do not in the beginning practice steps or jumps that require the use of toe picks)

Real figure skates are the best option (new or used that are still firm). Well-known figure skate brands are Riedell, Risport, Wifa, Graf, Edea, Jackson and Gam. The models that are suitable for skating school children are usually sold as sets, i.e. the blade is ready mounted to the boot (boots and blades that are sold separately are meant for competitive skaters). Figure skates (new and used) are sold at figure skating stores. Models that are suitable for skating school children are in addition sold in larger sport stores. Good, used skates are also sold here.
Figure skates need to be sharpened before use and few times during the season. Sharpening should be done by a specialist who knows how sharpen figure skates. The blade should have a clear groove.

In the skating school children can also use basic ice skates, ice hockey skates or beginner’s skates as long as they are right size, firm and support the ankle.


Thin, elastic clothes in layers (for instance tracksuit and warm undergarment) are better than thick winter outerwear (overall worn outside) as it is easier to move in thin clothes. Children should not have too much clothes on because they will get warm while moving. However, too little clothes on is not good either as the top layer might get wet if the child falls down a lot. Clothes that have been worn when playing outside should not be worn at ice practice as there might be sand on them which might drop on ice and will then blunt the blades and cause dangerous situations. For the same reasons one cannot go to the ice wearing shoes.


Children have to have gloves. It is good to have a spare pair in the bag in case the gloves get wet.


Helmet is optional.

Other information

Children may not eat anything while skating. Also chewing gum is prohibited!
Luistelijan markkinat is a market place for the club members. There you can find for instance good, used figure skates.