Figure Skating School

Skating in Espoon Jäätaiturit starts at the figure skating school. In the skating school children practice basic skating skills and figure skating through play. Children do not need to know how to skate when they start in the skating school.

There are groups for young children (3-6 years) and children (7 years and older). Practices are  at Warrior Areena in Leppävaara and in Tapiola Practice Ice Hall (in the same building with Espoo Metro Areena).The youngest children in the skating school are usually three years old. If the child wishes to become a competitive skater, it is good to start skating before school age, preferably when the child is 4-5 years old.  However, starting skating at a young age can bring a lot of joy also for those who do not aim at competitions. It is nice to know how to skate before skating lessons at school start. When the basic skating technique is correct, it is easier to enjoy skating!

Few times a year it is time for Skill diplomas. After a test performance the child receives a diploma in which the parents can see how their child has progressed in different elements of skating. The easiest skill diploma level is one and the most difficult eight.    

A year in the figure skating school consists of two seasons: fall and winterFall season starts in September and ends in mid-December. Winter season starts in January and ends usually at the spring show in March/April. Skating school can be started either in September or in January.

In skating school children are divided into small groups of different skill levels and hence it is possible to find an appropriate group for several seasons. Enthusiastic and talented skaters can move to more advanced hobby groups and eventually become competitive single or synchronized skaters.

There are several instructors in the skating school. All instructors have a background either in single or synchronized skating, and they have attended instructor trainings organized by the Finnish Figure Skating Association and SLU. The coach responsible for the skating school is Siiri Turunen (season 2023-2024).

The first weeks of skating school there is a skating school duty at the ice rink during the skating school.


Welcome to learn how to skate and enjoy the fun of the excercising on the ice!


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