Photos 2006






Ines Karvinen, FIN (Espoon Jäätaiturit), winner of Debs Girls (MR)






Josefin Taljegård, SWE, leader of Novice Girls after the Short Program (MR)



Elina Vesamäki was best in the short program of the five host club (Espoon Jäätaiturit) Junior Ladies in the competition. (MR)
ISU Judging System without special equipment was used for Junior Ladies (UMH)




Technical specialists checking from video (UMH)

Something to eat? (UMH)







The flower girls wanted more work! (UMH)

Young single skaters of Espoon Jäätaiturit did lots of work during the competition but had also time to be REAL FANS (photo MR)
Susanna Johansson SWE (photo MR)





Lotta Jarkko FIN (photo MR)
The most memorable competitor: Josefin Taljegård SWE (photo MR)
Not much taller than the flower girls (photo MR)
Between the competition and the Awards Ceremony performed the juvenile synchronized skating team of Espoon Jäätaiturit: Valley Bay Synchronettes (photo MR)
Junior Ladies: 2. Elina Vesamäki FIN, 1. Niina Laksola FIN, 3. Josefin Hansson SWE
Novice Girls: 2. Anastasia Gavrilenko RUS, 1. Josefin Taljegård SWE, (3. Kristine Gustavsson SWE)
Debs Girls: 2. Nea Puttonen FIN, 1. Ines Karvinen FIN, 3. Riina Varjokari FIN
Novice Girls
Junior Ladies
Debs Girls
Flower Girls (all photos from the Awards Ceremony: MR)